Member Portal Update

Dear Khospace Family!

Another month, another update… and what a month it was! 

Here are some highlights from April:

Another Monthly Record…

Our members set yet another record for hours booked last month! When operating a company like ours it’s easy to get caught up in typical corporate metrics such as room utilization, revenue, etc. Those metrics, while important, are just part of the equation.  However – some things you can’t measure, you just have to feel them. 

I speak on behalf of the team when I say the new record we are most proud of is the record amount of happiness, respect, empowerment and strengthening of community felt within our walls. 

Each and every day I see our members connecting, forging real friendships, helping each other out, and motivating one another.  The Khospace team and I are lucky to be around such a group of kind-hearted individuals day in and day out. 

Networking Events…

It was exciting to host our first networking events across all locations and to reconnect, and re-engage with our members face-to-face.  

One of the things that gives me joy leading Khospace is the “start-up” vibe found at our locations. 

We are a new company, and a good portion of our clients are taking their first leap into private practice and entrepreneurship.  We are big believers in doing what you love in life. Giving our clients the platform to go all-in on their passions and dreams means everything to us.  

I know that as long as Khospace can keep providing that opportunity for our clients, we will continue to grow. We are excited to hold more events in the coming months and to keep the momentum going!

I would also like to take a moment to once again thank our new official photography partner, Winter Raven Photography, for providing headshots for all of our members. They came out great!  We plan on running many more networking events in the coming months!

Our Updated Member Portal…

Our member portal received a facelift and we can’t be happier with the outcome! Here are some of the new features:

Fresh and modern new UI

Like most things, after some time… a new coat of fresh paint is needed; and, that was the primary basis of the member portal redesign. The old design was beginning to look a bit dated and worn out, so we hope you enjoy the revamped the look and feel! 

Better Mobile Experience

A good portion of our members access Khospace on mobile devices. Better mobile compatibility means you’ll have the best possible experience in our member portal, regardless of how you access it!

Better Filtering + Floor Plan View

We have also updated and improved the booking experience by implementing better filters to find availabilities when making reservations.

Our new floor plan view can help you better visualize bookings and this view will also be implemented on monitors across our smaller locations for a real-time view of occupancy.

That’s all folks (as far as April updates are concerned!)

Let’s keep the momentum going by constantly setting greater goals. 

-Bo Pericic
CEO Khospace

New Member Dashboard
Improved Settings Section
New Floor Plan View
Better Filters For Finding Availabilities


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