Three Tips for Creating a More Mindful Workspace

 We’re still in the first half of 2018 yet the word “mindful” already seems to be taking first place for word of the year. And at Khospace, Miami’s first co-working community for behavioral health professionals, we definitely like the sound of that. Being mindful is not just about how you live. Mindfulness is a reflection […]

What Patients Really Expect from Your New Office Space

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve figured out the profession that would fulfill you for the rest of your life, earned a degree to practice in it, and have even set your sights on those “dream clients”. As a behavioral health professional in Miami, however, there is one essential thing you’ll […]

Tips for Starting Your Own Wellness Practice

These days, the business of wellness is more serious than ever. Our society has gone from getting their feet wet in the health and wellness world, to diving in deeper and deeper with each passing year. And at Khospace, we fully support this shift in thinking, because we believe in a stronger, healthier world! Khospace […]