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Order your Private Practice Strategy Report and we will show you how to win the game of SEO. To qualify for this report, you must be a Khospace member with over over 30 total accumulated bookings.

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What's Included in Your Report

Discovery Call

Upon ordering your report & filling out the questionnaire below, you will be redirected to schedule a discovery call with our team to discuss your digital presence and goals.

Local Keyword Report

Your local market keyword report will tell you exactly what your clients are searching for, how they’re searching for it, and how many times each month to cast a proper net for acquiring leads.

Website Blueprint

Your website should align with what people are searching for in your local area. Using our research, our team will put together a suggested blueprint for your website to take out the guesswork. 

Site Audit

If you want more search traffic, all you have to do is follow our website analysis report. It will point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings.

Competitor Analysis

Find the keywords your competitors are ranking for in order to reverse engineer their SEO strategy and identify opportunities to generate leads.

Content Strategy

Knowing what to write about is essential for your content strategy. We will give you insight on the top-performing content pieces and 12 suggested blog post ideas.

Learn How To Build An Online Presence, Step-By-Step​

Private Practice Strategy Report Will help you Meet New Clients

Google Rankings

Boost your Google search rankings after implementing our suggested strategies.

PPC Advertising

Gain insight on what keywords to target for your paid traffic campaigns to maximize ROI.

SEO Optimization

Align your website & content with local searches to maximize organic traffic through SEO.

Website Strategy

Get suggestions on how to structure your website.

Brand Visibility

Grow your brand by positioning it in front of the right people.

Social Media

Gain insight on strategies and apply them to your social media pages.

Would you like to have a lead generating website for your practice?

Turn insight into action

There’s another practice waiting to snatch your clients if you don’t create a strategy for attracting leads. Click below & fill out the questionnaire to complete your order.