Three Tips for Creating a More Mindful Workspace

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 We’re still in the first half of 2018 yet the word “mindful” already seems to be taking first place for word of the year.

And at Khospace, Miami’s first co-working community for behavioral health professionals, we definitely like the sound of that.

Being mindful is not just about how you live. Mindfulness is a reflection of how you think and approach the world around you. In fact, the word “mindfulness,” means a lot more than finding your center in a yoga class. By definition, it meansthe basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

In other words, being mindful helps us focus on NOW – the most important time of day.

Since we spend so much of our lives engaged in our careers, it only makes sense that we create workspaces that reflect our interest in being mindful.

Khospace was designed with the idea that any behavioral health professional or client who enters our doors immediately feels at ease and can focus intently on their goals for the time that they’re visiting us. Here are some of our secrets for becoming more mindful at work, whether you work from small home office or as part of a large corporation.

1. Be a finisher.

There’s nothing that says “mindfulness” quite like finishing something that you’ve started. Giving all of your attention to one meeting, project, or idea will take you a lot further than it will giving partial attention to many things at once. Get in the habit of finishing what you’ve started, whether it’s an email to a client, a deadline on a project, or executing your next big idea, before moving on.

2. Pay attention to color.

If you’re finding yourself feeling unmotivated, distracted, or just plain “blah,” in your current workspace – color could be to blame! Choose to decorate with colors that make you feel calm and focused, and give you the same feeling of some of your favorite activities. If you are not free to overhaul your entire office space, start small! Implementing small color accents will have the same effect on our mindset. Hint: Mugs, flowers, frames. Not quite sure which colors are your go-to zen colors? Check out The Psychology of Color.

3. Avoid distracting triggers.

It is not hard for one quick peek at your Facebook feed to send you down a 25-minute long scrolling spree. This is obviously not the most productive or mindful way to spend your workday. Not to mention, constantly interrupting your workflow to check emails or respond to text messages takes you from mindful to inattentive. Avoid these distracting triggers by setting your phone to silent and keeping it face down on your desk, setting your email notifications to silent while you complete a project, and save the social media scrolling for when you’re home and finished with your work.

If you’re looking to work in Miami’s most mindful co-working space, or are interested in joining our growing Kho-mmunity, reserve your free tour!

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