Tips for Starting Your Own Wellness Practice

Written by Samantha Drazin

July 14, 0209

These days, the business of wellness is more serious than ever. Our society has gone from getting their feet wet in the health and wellness world, to diving in deeper and deeper with each passing year.

And at KhoSpace, we fully support this shift in thinking, because we believe in a stronger, healthier world!

KhoSpace is Miami’s first-ever co-working space for the modern wellness professional. Everyone from mental health practitioners to nutritionists, wellness coaches, dieticians and more, have jumped aboard the KhoSpace train. A concept originally from the United Kingdom, KhoSpace offers wellness professionals the opportunity to be able to meet their patients in luxurious, rentable-by-the-hour meeting rooms in prestigious Aventura, Florida – without the overhead costs of renting their own office space.

There is no shortage of wellness professionals in Miami. In fact, we stay motivated by the number of wellness-focused individuals that we meet on a daily basis, who are fresh out of earning their degrees and excited to make a difference in the world.

But like any young, budding, entrepreneur, most wellness professionals are faced with some pretty steep challenges when it comes to starting their own practices.

Here are our top KhoSpace tips for starting your own wellness practice, and making it a success:

1. Believe in your mission

Every newly licensed behavioral health professional sets out on their journey motivated and determined until they find out and feel deterred by the fact that they are not alone in their mission.

Don’t let an over-saturated industry deter you from your career goals,” KhoSpace founder Sam Drazin-Sultan advises. “You have to remind yourself every single day that your mission and belief in the wellness of others makes you destined to be successful, and never lose sight of that. Believing in yourself is the first step to success.”

2. Befriend your competitors

No, we don’t mean this in a “keep your enemies close” kind of way. We really mean it – friendship is good! Befriending your competition is almost a karmic way of telling the universe, “I support their success, so I deserve success too.”

You are going to meet a lot of people who are doing the same work as you, and that’s okay – there is room for everyone to succeed. Befriending your competition allows you to grow your professional network and opens the door for everybody’s favorite R-word – REFERRALS!

3. Find office space that reflects your vision

Presentation is everything, as are first impressions. You want your clients to feel safe, comfortable, and inspired by your workspace and need an office to reflect that feeling. Trust us – we know how expensive renting your own private office can be, and that’s precisely why KhoSpace was developed! With low-hourly rates available in packages, you can wow your patients, and yourself, as you grow your practice.

Are you ready to join our Kho-mmunity? Click here for more information!

Yours in Wellness,

The KhoSpace Family

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