What Patients Really Expect from Your New Office Space

Written by Samantha Drazin

April 23, 2018

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve figured out the profession that would fulfill you for the rest of your life, earned a degree to practice in it, and have even set your sights on those “dream clients”.

As a behavioral health professional in Miami, however, there is one essential thing you’ll need to decide on before you embark on changing your patient’s lives for the better.

Office Space.

Unfortunately, though, when you’re fresh out school and eager to start working, finding affordable office space in Miami is a feat almost as difficult as earning the degree you’re using to meet said patients. In a city whose real estate stays hotter than the Miami summer sun, many solopreneurs opt for affordable co-working space – often a tough option for professionals who need to see patients in a private setting.

KhoSpace was founded exactly for that reason. To eliminate the trouble associated with finding office space that doesn’t break the bank yet meets the criteria that your patients are looking for.

Speaking of behavioral health offices, what is it exactly that patients expect from the office they visit, or rather, an office like KhoSpace?

Here are three things patients are secretly hoping to find when they step into your new office space:

Privacy and Comfort

Okay, we know these are two different things – but when it comes to professionals who are treating patient’s mental or emotional health needs, privacy IS comfort. For many patients who come to visit you, it may have taken them a lot of time to work up to courage to come see you in the first place. Entering an office that is private and tucked away versus in a store front location on a busy street makes a big difference when it comes to how a patient will choose their doctor. Not only is KhoSpace perfectly situated in a private, gated community – each room is soundproofed for maximum comfort and security.

A Functional Waiting Room

Waiting rooms these days need to be hooked up and fully loaded to please the average person. The old pile of magazines with crinkled and worn pages simply won’t cut it these days. A waiting room with refreshments and beautiful visuals and even some snacks make the cut for the Miami crowd. Nothing prepares you for an office visit of any kind quite like a luxurious waiting room, with a peaceful water view with a cup of fresh coffee in hand – a KhoSpace staple!

Thoughtful Decorative Elements

Nothing makes a patient feel more “at home” than a space that looks and feels like it was designed solely for them to feel comfortable. Certain office elements like bright colors, inspirational quotes, lush rugs or carpeting, and soothing lighting help make a behavioral office space feel more inviting, and therefore, are more likely to be visited.

If you’re ready to join our Kho-mmunity and WOW your new patients, click here to book your free tour today!

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