Q1 2022 Update

Khospace Q1 Update Welcome to the Khospace Q1 update! It’s been a great start to the year, and we continue to see record demand for therapy & wellness services.  We have been laser-focused on expansion and securing new locations, constantly refining our existing ones, as well as adding new team members to maintain the client […]

עדכון מנכ"ל - 2021 בסקירה (ולמה לצפות ב-2022)

משפחת Khospace היקרה, כשאנחנו מסיימים את עונת החגים, זה שוב הזמן הזה בשנה - אחד לשיקוף ולהצבת יעדים חדשים! בחברה מקוטבת הולכת וגדלה ומלאת מתח, אי ודאות וחרדה, חברינו הם הגיבורים והעוגנים הבלתי מוזכרים בחיי אנשים רבים. העבודה שלהם ממשיכה להניע אותנו לעשות […]

Khospace מציעה כעת הזדמנויות זכיינות חדשות!

Miami, F.L. December 2021 — Many healthcare practitioners dream of opening a privatepractice: after all, what’s better than being your own boss? Sadly, many workers can’t afford an office lease, and costs create a barrier between them and their professional goals. Coworking companies have attempted to solve this problem for years, they have continuously failed […]

עדכון קיץ 2021

Dear Khospace Family! We hope you had a safe & fruitful summer! Things at Khospace are quite busy with August setting a new record for hours booked. We are very proud of our clients and it’s extremely rewarding to see them thrive. The Khospace team have been hard at work to ensure we’re always there for […]

סיכום ועדכונים של מנכ"ל מאי 2021

Dear Khospace Family! Summer is upon us, the world is starting to feel “normal” again, and May was yet another record setting month for Khospace!  We’ve been firing on all cylinders to continue improving the Khospace experience while building a foundation worthy of expanding into new cities and locations. Here are some highlights and updates we’ll be […]

עדכון מנכ"ל אפריל 2021

Dear Khospace Family! Another month, another update… and what a month it was!  Here are some highlights from April: Members set another monthly record for bookings Khospace held its first networking events in over a year at all locations New member portal launched Bodyspace room added in Delray Beach New manager hired in Delray Beach […]

עדכון מנכ"ל מרץ 2021

Dear Khospace Family! It’s already April? Time flies when you’re having fun…and fun we are having! I’m thrilled to announce March was the best month in the history of Khospace, by all metrics. By extension, this also means that you, our community of therapy & wellness providers are making strides and growing, too. Congratulations!  Your success […]