New Member Portal Updates: Enhanced Team Management

We are excited to announce recent updates to the Khospace member portal, designed to improve the management of teams within our community. 

With these enhancements, teams can now have unlimited members and an additional admin, allowing for more streamlined booking and team management. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through these updates and show you how to make the most of these new features.

Unlimited Team Members and Additional Admin:
The updated member portal allows teams to have an unlimited number of members, providing greater flexibility for expanding practices. 

Additionally, teams can now designate an additional admin, who can make bookings on behalf of any member from the member dashboard.

Accessing Team Details:
To access team details, customers should click on the dashboard icon and then select “My Team.” 

The information displayed will depend on whether the customer is a team administrator or a team member.

Team Members View:

Team members can view upcoming bookings from the team dashboard. 

This provides a convenient way to stay informed about the team’s schedule and plan accordingly.

Additionally, team members can click on “Settings” > “My Team” to get a recap of their team’s composition and other relevant details.


Team Admins View:
Team admins have access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows them to monitor and manage every aspect of the team. 

This includes an overview of bookings, team members, and other administrative tasks.

To manage each team member’s rights and view a full recap of the team, admins can click on “Settings” > “My Team.” This feature makes it easier for admins to keep track of their team’s needs and manage bookings efficiently.

The recent updates to the Khospace member portal make team management more efficient and user-friendly. 

With the ability to have unlimited team members and an additional admin, as well as the enhanced views for both team members and admins, managing a growing practice has never been easier. 

We hope these updates will help you make the most of your experience at Khospace and continue to support the success of your therapy and wellness practice.


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