Summer 2021 Update

Dear Khospace Family,

We hope you had a safe & fruitful summer!

Things at Khospace are quite busy with August setting a new record for hours booked.

We are very proud of our clients and it’s extremely rewarding to see them thrive.

The Khospace team have been hard at work to ensure we’re always there for you and we have rolled out some exciting new updates!

Khospace App (Beta) Available on iOS & Android

We’re excited to announce that the Khospace app is now available on iOS or Android platforms! Though still in beta, this is our first step towards creating a seamless Khospace experience all from one App! 

In the Khospace App Beta, you cay make bookings, browse the member directory and events calendar, as well as access exclusive member perks & benefits while keeping track of all your past and present bookings and reservations.

We are also in the process of adding a built-in support chat as well as room unlocking functionality.

Khospace App Features

A Commitment to Smarter, Automated & Efficient Spaces. Here’s what to expect in Q4, and why:

It was a busy summer and for many companies including ours, Covid accelerated the technologic shift towards smarter and more automated spaces. By leveraging technology such as real-time video support, check-in kiosks centralized online booking, advanced security systems, smart locks & cleaning automation, we are committed to expanding our technology stack in order to give our Therapy & Wellness providers (and their clients) the best possible Khospace experience. 

1. Customer Support Video Phone In Lobby

Over the past months we have been testing video customer support at our Delray Beach Lobby to great success. Video phones will be implemented at every Khospace location by the end of 2021 as well as every future Khospace location. Connect with our customer support team in the touch of a button from the lobby of any Khospace location. We’re always here for you!

2. Better Check-In Process 

Each lobby has now been upgraded with TV monitors to provide clearer instructions for clients upon arrival.  In addition, clients can now utilize the Video Phone for instant support with our team. 

This is useful when clients are unable to get in touch with our members (for example if a client arrives early and provider is in-session with another appointment).

3. Upgraded Security & Privacy (Local Storage)

After months of design and testing we have started upgrading and rolling out our new security system and servers. These upgrades allow for encrypted remote monitoring and 100% coverage of all common areas as well as the processing speed required for future upgrades.

Our new system uses AI to automatically monitor locations and send instant alerts to our operations team for faster response time and increased security.

I’m also proud to announce Khospace is committed to processing and storing all security footage on our local servers and private cloud with our new round of upgrades. 

Your privacy is important to us and we are skeptical of large corporations storing member & client footage during what may be their most vulnerable moments.

4. More Automations & Remote Control Everything

In addition to our smart lock system, we are automating and adding remote control for as many necessities as possible to better support our members and new features in the future.

We are confident that once completed, this round of upgrades will provider a better, more efficient, and safer experience for our members and cleints. It also positions us for the future as the landscape of shared space technology evolves. It’s only a matter of time before we have robots wiping down desks in between sessions!

In Other News

Due to countless requests from our members at Khospace Aventura, Room 4 has been overhauled to accommodate a more therapist-friendly layout.

It is available for booking effective immediately at the Khospace Aventura member portal located HERE.

That about wraps it up for this update!

We hope you’re happy with all the additions and as always we would love to know what you think and look forward to your feedback!

Bo Pericic
CEO Khospace


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