CEO Update – 2021 in Review (And What to Expect in 2022)

Dear Khospace Family,

As we conclude the holiday season it’s that time of the year again – one for reflection and setting new goals!

In an ever increasing polarized society full of stress, uncertainty and anxiety, our members are the unsung heroes and anchors in many peoples lives. 

Their work continues to motivate us to make Therapy & Wellness more accessible for all.

In 2021 we reached new records as over 300 Khospace members held  18,978 sessions at our locations! 

With 2022 on the horizon, here are some highlights worth noting.

Clients Can Now Book Sessions on Your Website (& Auto-Book Khospace Rooms)

As a Khospace member you can now accept bookings (and payments) for sessions directly on your website. Once a session is booked on the website, a room will then be booked automatically for Khospace

Simply set your desired times, pick your favorite rooms, and your clients will now see all available slots when both you and an office is available!

This integration requires a Khospace account (Standard/Premium Members Only) and a premium account with Acuity Scheduling.

Click HERE to learn more about the integration!

Khospace Franchise Launch

In case you missed our press release, Khospace has launched its franchise business! 

While we will still continue to open corporate locations, this is a vital step in fulfilling our mission.


Aventura: New roller shades have been ordered for each room and are expected to be delivered and installed within 6-8 weeks. Area rugs have been added in half the rooms (and ordered for the other half) to create an even warmer, cozy feel!

The coffee station, printing station, and mail area have been also been improved with new storage and gold mail boxes for Khospace members with a mailing address subscriptions.

Coral Gables: TV signage and client instructions have been added to the lobby for a better client experience. 

In addition, new desks were recently added in rooms 3 + 4 along with a reconfigured layout based on member feedback as well as new artwork. 

Delray Beach:  Last year was a busy with upgrades including the purchase of two new electric beds, a complete overhaul of the security system, more disposal bins, and too many minor aesthetic upgrades to list ranging from from plants and greenery to tissue holders and supply storage. Members can expect new & improved mail room and storage room in 2022!


Surging at over 6%, inflation has been a hot topic of discussion lately and noticeable everywhere from the pump to the grocery store so we are proud to note that in last 3 years, Khospace has not raised pricing. 

However, as our supply costs continue to rise we must adjust pricing to reflect the current state of the market.

Membership fees will remain unchanged for all membership levels, and hourly rates will increase by $1. Changes will become effective on February 1, 2022.

Mental Health Stigma is Changing

The discussion of mental health is going mainstream and we are seeing a change in the stigma around it. We see it everywhere – in newspapers, TV, social media and sports. From Naomi Osaka withdrawing from Wimbledon to Calvin Ridley stepping away from football midway through the NFL season to focus on his mental health. 

People are becoming more open to a speaking about, and most importantly, addressing their mental health struggles. 

As important as it is to break the stigma around mental health issues, it’s also crucial to do it in a responsible way with qualified mental health professionals taking charge of the conversation.

The slippery slope of destigmatizing mental health is the potential for misinformation.

As the Wall Street Journal recently wrote in their article titled “TikTok Diagnosis Videos Leave Some Teens Thinking They Have Rare Mental Disorders“, 

Many of these videos are being made by teenagers or twentysomethings who try to portray themselves as “experts”, but who in fact have no formal experience treating mental illness. Some encouraged viewers to perform their own self-diagnoses at home, convincing young impressionable adults that they have serious disorders. It’s becoming a problem since young people who manage to convince themselves that they have these disorders might be more tempted to indulge in borderline behavior in an effort to convince themselves, and others, that the diagnosis is legitimate. TikTok videos containing the hashtag #borderlinepersonalitydisorder have been viewed almost 600MM times. However, only 1.4% of the US adult population is believed to experience the disorder, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness

As a result, it is more important than ever for mental health providers to be pro-active about leading the conversation in order to maintain its integrity. 

There has never been a better time as a therapist to embrace being a leader and having your voice heard.

People Are More Willing Than to See A Therapist

Between a negative news cycle, politics, and increased isolation, it comes as no surprise that mental demand for therapists is at all time highs. 

The silver lining is that due to the stigma around mental health changing, more people are now seeking help. 

This is very evident when we look at google search data obtained using In fact, the United States saw a dramatic increase in people seeking therapy.  Overall therapist searches were up , with couples/marriage counseling and interest in EMDR therapy showing strong growth. Here are some interesting trends:

Google Searches For "Therapist Near Me"

Google Searches For "Massage Therapy Near Me"

Google Searches For "Couples Therapist"

Google Searches For "EMDR Therapy"

Google Searches For "Psychologist Near Me"

Google Searches For "Counseling Near Me"

It’s been a year of growth for Khospace as well as the therapy space in general. We’ve launched our franchise and have continued making improvements to ensure that we are providing the best customer experience possible. 

Most importantly, our members are helping more people than ever and we are proud to be along for the ride.

 As always, thank you for being part of this journey with us – it would not be possible without people like you supporting our efforts along the way! 

Happy New Year from Khospace! 

Here’s to happy, healthy & prosperous 2022 🥂



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